Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting

Release Date - February 2015

Gallery Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Lulu de Longland never expects to wake up with her best friend's new husband, but that's exactly what happens the day after Josh and Annabelle's wedding. Shamed by her actions, Lulu begins looking at her friendship with Annabelle over the years, the hurt and joy Annabelle has caused, the friends she's made, and at the place she's in now. It's time for Lulu to decide what happens next.

Walking on Trampolines goes back and forth between the past and present throughout the novel. You see the formations of Josh and Lulu's relationship when they are teens, the obstacles that keep them from a happily ever after, and then Lulu's current life and the decisions she faces.

Realistically, the opening scene where Annabelle finds Josh and Lulu together passes very quickly, but the consequences of that night weigh heavily throughout most of the book, even if Lulu is really the main character. Annabelle and Josh have very little presence in the novel. Some of Lulu's other friends make appearances, as do Annabelle's and Lulu's parents. This novel, however, is completely about Lulu, her boss, and the people that she meets because of her job. While scenes of the past play an integral role in shaping Lulu, this story focuses mostly on where she goes from here.

I liked the story, there is a bit of a romance to it, but for the most part, it's more about a woman finding her place in the world. Lulu and her boss, Duncan, are intriguing characters, ones I liked getting to know and ones who are fleshed out incredibly well. The rest of the characters end up really just being blips on a radar. It doesn't matter though because it's Lulu that you'll really want to get to know and see how she moves on from this one mistake that threatens to break her.


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