Twice in a Blue Moon by Cate Masters

Release Date - January 19, 2015

Cate Masters
Lyrical Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Since the tragic death of her fiance, Melanie Michaels has thrown herself into death defying situations for her reality television show No Boundaries. When her next adventure has her heading to the Swedish Lapland, the same area her fiance planned for their honeymoon, she knows she must go and find out what drew him to that area. The plans are to have a musher escort them through the area to the famous ICEHOTEL. The last thing she needs or wants is to find herself attracted to her guide.

Buck Wright escaped the pain of his disastrous relationship by starting over in the Swedish Lapland. He's got a new life, new friends, and doesn't want to think about his past. He works exclusively for Arctic Adventures. His team of huskies mean the world to him, and he will not let any client put them in danger, especially not some thrill-seeking reality show host. He never expects the host to be as intelligent, charming, and alluring as Melanie is.

Starting with the setting, I found myself drawn to it from the start. Even though it is 4 below as I type this (meaning I really get the cold of winter), I still found myself wanting to visit the ICEHOTEL. Next up were the characters and this is where I started to lose some of my enthusiasm. I definitely felt for Melanie. As her past is revealed, you get to see how deep her love for her fiance was. You understand why it's so hard for her to let go. Buck, I had a harder time with, though he's still likable. His reasons for moving to a new area, turning his back on his family, starting over, that just didn't go over as well with me. 

Now there's one clear reason why I ended up barely liking Twice in a Blue Moon. One of Melanie's crew - Hayden - is an impulsive little cretin who got away with too much crap. He whines incessantly, is rude to just about everyone they meet during their adventures, and simply made me hate him. Worse, I really couldn't see the purpose to his being in the story. The one thing he does to push the plot along really wasn't necessary. He was just a jerk that I never liked and it made reading the rest of the book a little less appealing because he was in it. Remove him entirely and I have a feeling I would have gotten much more enjoyment from this romance.


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