Lovely Wild by Megan Hart

Release Date - November 25, 2014

Megan Hart

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Her husband's being investigated for malpractice. That's enough of a blow for Mari Calder, but while he's on a hiatus from his job as a psychiatrist, he opts to rent out their home and move them back to Mari's childhood home, a place she desperately wants to forget.

As a child, Mari was abused, neglected, and raised in horrible conditions by her grandmother. When she was eight, she was finally rescued and spent years becoming the woman she is today. Her kids do not know the truth about her past, will returning undo everything she's accomplished?

Back in that house in rural Pennsylvania, there's a presence in the woods that many in the family sense is watching their every move. When it appears this presence is not here to welcome them, Mari must stand and fight, and that means looking back at the childhood she's spent many years trying to forget.

Lovely Wild is more of a mystery/suspense than women's fiction or romance. There are a few romantic elements, but the real depth of the story is in Mari's return to her past and discovery of things that had long been hidden from her.

That said, I had a really hard time liking her husband. I could have happily had him gone from the book and gotten just as much from it. Sections where he appeared annoyed me because of my dislike of the man. I understand why Mari clung to him, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to realize that he was a jerk.

Mari and her teen daughter were my favorites. Her teen is a tough cookie and I loved the interactions between her and her mom. That made for very touching scenes that added emotional layers to this suspenseful story.


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