Long Walk Home by Lilian Darcy

Release Date - November 2014

Lilian Darcy
Tule Publishing Group

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Mistakes she made as a teen may weigh heavily on Gemma Clayton, but the single mom does not regret for one moment the daughter she's raised. When she overhears Bree talking about dreading telling her something, Gemma fears her daughter may have made the same mistakes.

Dylan Saddler, Gemma's neighbor, is thrilled to have his son come stay with him for part of the summer. Another mysterious guest is just as thrilling, though a little harder to cope with. Needing help, Dylan asks Gemma's daughter if she'd be willing to work as a companion to his guest.

One thing is clear to every child in the Clayton and Saddler households, there are sparks between Dylan and Gemma, and they may need a little push to realize they deserve a future that goes beyond taking care of others.

Long Walk Home is apparently part of the Montana River Bend series. I've not read other books in that series, and I certainly never got a feeling that this book needed me to have read the prior novels. It stands alone well.

Gemma and Dylan are extremely likable, and even the mysterious guest comes around to be a character I enjoyed. I wasn't a fan of this guest at first! The romance between Gemma and Dylan progresses steadily, but realistically, and soon they became a couple I was rooting for. Along with the romance, there is that element of surprise as revelations are made. It's not all horribly shocking surprises, but ones that move the plot along nicely. I really enjoyed this romance and can't wait to catch up with them in future Montana River Bend novels.


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