Book Release News - Kyle Prue's The Sparks

Release Date - February 2015

Kyle Prue
Barringer Publishing


This February, Kyle Prue released the first of his The Feud series. While Roundtable Reviews simply did not have the time to fit it in for a review, we did feel it worthy of mention, especially for fantasy/sci-fi fans. Meanwhile, we have the first chapter to share with you. You'll find it below.

In addition to a sample chapter, we have great news. Order your copy of The Sparks from the author's website and receive a 25% discount! Simply visit Kyle Prue's online store and enter the coupon code BLOG25 during checkout. Note that this coupon is only good at Kyle Prue's store, it will not work at Amazon or other online booksellers.


To read the first chapter of Kyle Prue's The Sparks, a PDF file has been set up with Dropbox. Click here to read The Sparks.


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