Sea Air by Jule Meeringa

Release Date - February 24, 2015

Amazon Crossing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The premise of Sea Air, given the back cover blurb, is supposed to be Nele falls in love with a mysterious, much older man during a North Sea getaway. The single mom quickly falls in love, but then her ex, a doctor, reenters the picture making her question who is the right man for her.

That said, I found the return of the ex was mostly glanced over. The real heart of this romance is the battle of wills as Nele, age 35, is certain that Mathis, 60, is Mr. Right, but he's more hesitant and isn't convinced that a 60-year-old man is what Nele, mom to an energetic, precocious 7-year-old, needs in her life.

The settings used in Sea Air made me feel like I was there at the North Sea. The author does well painting the coastal region in her novel. My issue became that I liked the setting more than the characters. Nele seems to jump from man to man, giving her heart away fully each time. Not once does she seem to stop and thing about the effect all of this "I'm in love and want him in our lives" have on her daughter.

 That led to another concern. How much of Sea Air was lost in the translation? The book was originally written in German and is part of Amazon's line of books that take a foreign book and translate it into English. After five years of French, I know how easily some of the emotion can get lost between the original language and the English language. Perhaps, the German version would have had more emotional appeal and pull me in better. As was, I just never connected to any of the characters.


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