Good Health, Good Life by Joyce Meyer

Release Date - December 2014

Joyce Meyer

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Joyce Meyer, Bible teacher/TV and radio host, offers incredible insight into improving your health, body, and mind in Good Health, Good Life. This 12-step plan breaks down into:

1. Asking for God's help
2. Learning to love yourself
3. Changing your metabolism
4. Fitting in exercise
5. Learning to eat balanced meals
6. Drinking plenty of water
7. Avoiding overindulgence
8. Satisfying your spiritual hunger
9. Reducing stress
10. Embracing the right goals/visions
11. Laughing at pitfalls and obstacles
12. Taking responsibility for yourself

Each step is a chapter that branches out into subtopics, such as altering your metabolism by ensuring your eat breakfast, getting enough sleep, and hydrating with water throughout the day. Some of these may be common sense to you, but you may learn from other snippets of information.

I find that now is the perfect time to put all, or even some, of Joyce Meyer's steps to work. This is the time most slack off the resolutions they made just a few weeks ago. I also think that if you take the lessons/keys one at a time rather than trying to fit them all in, you'll have much better success. I'm focusing just on the reducing stress for now. That is one of the biggest stumbling blocks I have because of work, life, and then the hurdles thrown my way, like last winter's failed septic or this year's broken water heater.  One step at a time is the best way to work with Good Health, Good Life.


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