Finding Hope by Stacy Finz

Release Date - January 2015

Stacy Hinz

Lyrical Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After the tragic disappearance of her young daughter, cookbook editor Emily Mathews is ready to get away from the press. Spending time on McCreedy Ranch, away from everyone, is exactly what she needs. She never expects to find herself falling for Clay McCreedy or his sons.

After Clay's wife died, he's struggled to help his sons grieve. Emily is just the person he needs living in the empty barn. She's quiet, studious, and certainly isn't aware of the scandal that led to his wife's death. The one thing he's certain of is that he really doesn't need another woman in his life - or does he?

Finding Hope is a charming romance with two underlying mysteries of sorts. The facts surrounding Clay's wife's death is the minor mystery. However, it was the mysterious disappearance of Emily's daughter that I really wanted to see resolved. The romance builds slowly and honestly. This isn't a romance where the characters rush to connect. They both enter into the relationship with very guarded hearts.

As this is the second in the series, I wasn't sure if I'd feel like I'd missed some of the story, but Finding Hope definitely works as a stand-alone novel. I will likely read the first just to learn more about the town's detective, but I don't feel like I absolutely must for sections of the story to make sense.

What I do know having finished Finding Hope is that I hope this is not the end of Emily and Clay. I will feel cheated if they do not appear in future books.


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