A Love Undone by Cindy Woodsmall

Release Date - September 2014

Cindy Woodsmall
Waterbrook Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I actually read A Love Undone about two months ago and thought I'd done the review. Yet, in going through my emails, I found the publicist's request and cannot find the review for this one anywhere. Given that, I'm surprised still by how much I enjoyed the book, even weeks later when I've read so many other books.

It's a stormy night that takes Jolene Keim's parents from her. She's spent the past decade raising her younger siblings and putting her own life on hold, even breaking things off with her own fiance who was not thrilled to be raising a family right off the bat.

Andy Fisher's wife walked away from both Andy and their son many years ago, but Amish customs dictate he is still married - a grass widower. When Jolene comes into his life, he cannot help but fall for her, but his situation is bound to keep them apart. The last thing he wants to do is to have Jolene shamed for entering into a relationship with a married man.

If you enjoy Amish romances, A Love Undone is one of the best.  Jolene and Andy's relationship seems doomed, but you can't help but keep reading and hoping that something will change to let them have their deserved happily ever after, even if Amish laws are driving a wedge between them.

I highly recommend this novel. It's stuck with me for so many weeks, and that's the sign of a truly powerful romance.


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