A Fine Summer's Day by Charles Todd

Release Date - January 2015

Charles Todd
William Morrow

Book Review by Bob Walch

If you have been a fan of the Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd, you’ll want to get a copy of the latest installment entitled A Fine Summer’s Day.

While the previous novels have followed the Scotland Yard detective after his return from World War I, this one takes us back to before the war. The young detective has just decided to propose to the woman with whom he is deeply in love, and while they make plans for their future together, Ian also becomes involved in a murder investigation that keeps him focused on a series of crimes across England.
As the war clouds gather across the English Channel, this could well be the detective’s last case before duty calls and he joins the army. Meeting local resistance in his investigation and realizing this idyllic summer may just be the proverbial “calm before the storm”, Ian has much to think about. And, as you’ll see, some of what will happen to the young man in the military is set in place at this time.

There have been over fifteen novels already published in this popular series, but to fully understand Ian Rutledge you must read A Fine Summer’s Day. Also, if you are not familiar with this character, this would be the perfect time to make his acquaintance.   


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