The Whispers by Lisa Unger

Release Date - October 27, 2014

Lisa Unger
Simon and Schuster

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The Whispers is a very, very quick read. If you're busy with holiday cooking and errands, this is an ideal short story to fill in a short amount of time. Per my Kindle, with my reading speed, it took me just 13 minutes to read this very short story.

Eloise Montgomery's day is starting off as normal. Her younger daughter is up and ready, but her other is doing as many teens do and dragging her feet. She stays in bed well after the alarm and begrudgingly gets ready and comes down for breakfast. In the end, Eloise wishes she had more time as both her husband and oldest daughter are killed in a head-on collision.

After the family's accident, Eloise begins having psychic visions. Not sure what to do, she knows she must act on her visions, as they could be what police need to save victims or solve crimes, even if it is all frightening to her.

This short story sets the premise for additional stories in The Whispers series. Each looks like it will be a very short read, one that fits in perfectly with waiting for an appointment, filling in a gap while holiday treats bake, or simply a quick story before drifting off to sleep at night.

As The Whispers was really short, it seemed that character relationships and development were rushed. I hope more depth is explored in the future. I liked this story, but I think I would have loved it had it been longer.


  1. Sounds like a read for my "TBR" list. Thanks for the post.


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