No Weddings by Kat and Stone Bastion

Release Date - September 2014

Kat & Stone Bastion

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

No Weddings was a change of pace when it comes to romances. Cade Michaelson is a bar owner and college student working towards his master's degree. With his sisters urging him on, he agrees to their little venture of adding party planning to their business. One that he insists will not have anything to do with weddings. With that plan in mind, he knows the cakes made by Hannah Martin are the best for their clientele, but Hannah's "ice princess" attitude isn't something he looks forward too. He's had his problems with women and he's quite happy with one-night stands, or so he thinks.

Before he knows it, Cade gets talked into letting Hannah cook for him in exchange for advice on growing her bakery. Those dinners turn into more than Cade could have every imagined.

Now here is the thing with No Weddings, the book is told from Cade's point of view. That's not typical in romance novels. Cade is definitely an alpha-male type, all about the quest and conquer and not about the emotional ties. For me, that made him a little unlikeable in the first part of the book. Hannah is a tough cookie. Despite her "ice princess" status, I really liked her from the start. She does what she knows is best for her and won't let anyone or anything get in her way. When the banter between Cade and Hannah kicked in, I was hooked.

No Weddings is the first in a series, so readers looking for everything tied up in a nice package will not find it here. I expected a little more closure than I got, but the authors are clever because now that they have me hooked I have to read the others if I want that closure.


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