A Life Intercepted: A Novel by Charles Martin

Release Date - September 2014

Charles Martin
Center Street

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

For the past 12 years, Matthew Rising has spent time in prison for a crime he knows he didn't commit, but the evidence was insurmountable. Now that the one-time football star has been released, he has one goal. He wants to find his wife, a woman who seemingly disappeared after his trial.

While Matthew knows returning to his hometown is not going to lead to a warm welcome, it's the place where he knows he must start his search. He soon comes across his wife and learns she's mentoring a teen with a very bright future in football. If Matthew coaches him, he'll violate the terms of his release, but he cannot turn his back on Audrey or this gifted teen.

A Life Intercepted: A Novel is a very emotional read, so you may want to have tissues in hand. Author Charles Martin travels back and forth over the span of time to show the development of Audrey and Matthew's relationship and also the present day relationships between Audrey, Matthew, and Dee. The changes in time came fluently, so I never had a hard time keeping up with what era I was in.

For me, the outcome of the novel, specifically who it was that set Matthew up, was pretty clear from the start. That aspect of A Life Intercepted was slightly frustrating. I wanted to climb into the book and smack the guilty party upside the head. That said, the author did a great job of making me that interested in the characters and the situations they faced.


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