My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni

Release Date - November 2014

Robert Dugoni
Thomas & Mercer

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Once Tracy Crosswhite was a sharpshooter, alongside her younger sister Sarah. Things changed after a competition when she went off with her boyfriend and her sister promised to drive safely in the pouring rain one evening. Sarah was never seen again.

Her murderer has been behind bars for two decades, but when Sarah's remains are finally found, evidence suggests he may not be the killer. Now a detective, Tracy teams up with an attorney, who happens to be a childhood friend, to unravel the sloppy investigative work from two decades earlier.

My Sister's Grave kept me hooked to the end. I will not deny that I had a hard time putting the novel down, but there were still moments when I struggled with some aspects. The sloppy initial police work bugged me. There's also a revelation that comes later in the book, one I won't discuss in depth because it is a spoiler, but when it is made, I wanted to smack a character upside the head.

In the end, this is a solid read, but I always consider the bottom line. I got this book for free from Amazon Prime. If I had to pay for it, I do start to question if it is worth the 12 dollars. That's my biggest hang up. It's good, but not quite that good.


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