Make My Wish Come True by Fiona Harper

Release Date - November 2014

Fiona Harper

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Originally released in the UK in 2013, Fiona Harper's Make My Wish Come True is now available in the U.S. It's a fun tale of two sisters who swap lives for a couple weeks during the holidays.

 Juliet's goal has always been to make Christmas magical for her children. Since her divorce, things have gotten harder to handle, and she's looking forward to having just a little bit of help from her younger sister this year.

Gemma has no idea how to break the news to her sister that she's jetting off the Caribbean for a magical holiday in a quiet holiday resort. Gemma's job working with movie stars has her feeling burned out and ready for some R&R. She's not looking forward to hearing Juliet flip out when she tells her.

On that dreaded day, Gemma realizes that Juliet is burned out and offers to swap lives. Juliet can head the the Caribbean for some much-needed rest, and Gemma will take over planning, shopping for, cooking, and hosting the family for the holidays. It can't be that hard, can it? Even if it does mean living next door to Juliet's infuriating neighbor, Will.

Make My Wish Come True is a fun holiday tale that takes a dash of romance, plenty of humor, and the frenzy that many of us face with holiday gatherings and mixes them into a memorable story.

I loved that once Juliet's kids talked her into accepting the switch so that she'd return to being a less frazzled mom for them, she actually ran with it. Watching her start to shed her micromanaging personality, even if it was a little bit at a time, was a highlight. However, watching the more laid back Gemma realize just how much work her sister takes on was even more fun. The dashes of romance for both sisters added enjoyment and definitely fit this holiday novel.


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