The Other Girl by Pam Jenoff

Release Date - September 2014

Pam Jenoff
Harlequin MIRA

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

You cannot argue with the price of The Other Girl. This Kindle novella is free. It is a companion piece to The Winter Guest.

Marie struggles with her currently living situation in WWII Poland. Her husband is off at war and her in-laws are not exactly welcoming. One night, Marie finds a young girl hiding in a barn. She risks it all to keep this girl from German officers. The problem is that help is going to come at a price. Marie is pregnant and estranged from her family, but her family are the only people she can think of at this time of need.

At just over 20 pages, this is not a novella that will take you much time to read. I have yet to read The Winter Guest, so I'm not sure where things tie together. While I liked Marie's story, I couldn't help but wonder how it will all tie together. I'll know soon enough as that is one of the next novels on my reading list.


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