Quilted by Christmas: Quilts of Love by Jodie Bailey

Release Date - October 21, 2014

Jodie Bailey
Abingdon Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Taryn McKenna hasn't had it easy. Her mother died of liver cancer when Taryn was just 14 and her father always felt that Taryn and her mother had kept him from achieving his dreams. Raised mainly by her grandmother, Taryn's world is shattered when her grandmother collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

Jemma has one wish for her granddaughter and that's to forgive the past. Now that Jemma's in need of a recovery, someone must finish a quilt she was working on. There's not enough time for Taryn to do it alone. More than a decade earlier, Taryn and her steady beau walked away from each other, and this quilt offers them the chance to reunite and work through the differences of the past to see if they have a future together.

Quilted by Christmas is a gentle romance with likable characters and long buried secrets. It's a relatively short read at just under 200 pages. I liked the holiday setting and definitely enjoyed the characters, particularly Jemma. Her wit and determination helped keep Taryn from turning her back when Justin, Taryn's former beau, becomes involved in her life.

For a short and sweet romance, Quilted by Christmas is a solid choice. There is a bit of conflict, but it doesn't overshadow the storyline. The bottom line is that Taryn has a chance at true love and it's up to her to decide if the time is right. Readers will enjoy finding out what choice she makes.


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