Eden in Winter by Richard North Patterson

Release Date - July 2014

Richard North Patterson 

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I have a feeling that I would have gained more enjoyment out of Eden in Winter had I read other books in the saga. I didn't, however, and quickly found myself disliking most characters in the book. No one seems capable of telling the truth unless they're backed into a corner, and even then they excuse their behavior constantly, even if they are just clearly in the wrong.

 Adam Blaine is uncovering the truth behind his father's death on Martha's Vineyard. This truth threatens to tear his family apart, but he's equally determined to make it so that not one of his family members pays the price for Benjamin Blaine's death. As the CIA agent works to unravel the truth, he finds himself forming a bond with his father's pregnant mistress.

I don't want to say too much more about the plot, because there are things I could give away. I never really connected with Adam. If anyone in the book kept me reading, it was Carla, the mistress. I did feel for her.

In the end, I wonder if my lack of having read the previous two books was my downfall. I just couldn't connect to the story or characters and that made for a lackluster read.


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