The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit by Graham Joyce

Release Date - August 2014

Graham Joyce

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

When he was very young, David Barwise's father took him to the beach. There, tragedy struck and David's life changed drastically. Now, he's a college student and despite his mother and step-father's wishes, David returns to Skegness to work at a summer resort. As a "greencoat," David spends his days judging sandcastle competitions, handling lighting for the nightly performances, and generally doing whatever is asked of him.

It's a summer of change for David. While at the beach, he spies a man and a young boy. Trying to get them involved in activities leads nowhere, and soon realizes they may not be alive at all. Is he seeing ghosts?

There's far more to The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit. David begins to fall for a cleaning lady who has an overly protective, if not abusive, husband. He is also torn by his growing attraction to a young woman whose heritage (her mother is from Guyana), while she's beautiful, racism is high in '70's Britain, and David quickly grows tired of hearing people putting any biracial person down. It doesn't take long before you understand the truth behind the ghosts and get pulled into David's world where tempers soar in politics, relationships, and life itself.

I won't deny that the setting drew me in. I've spent time in Bridlington and Hull, both north of Skegness, so I know the allure of those coastal towns. Skegness appeared no different. Yet, it was soon David, the ghosts, and the other workers in this resort that kept me hooked. It's a different genre for me, but one that I am happy I read.


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