Swan Point by Sherryl Woods

Release Date - August 2014

Sherryl Woods

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After her husband blatantly flaunted his affairs in front of her and then her children, Adelia Hernandez had enough and divorced him. Now she's the owner of a somewhat run-down home, but after renovations, she knows this will be the perfect place to start anew. She's been promoted to manager of the clothing boutique where she works, and she's ready to tackle this new world of being a single mom.

Gabe Franklin left Serenity after a turbulent youth. He's back, without plans to stay, and then Adelia catches his eye. The last thing he needs is to start a permanent relationship, but the Sweet Magnolias in town feel differently. They think Gabe is exactly what Adelia needs in her life, and vice versa. He never expected this one woman and her children to be the one thing he seems to need most.

Swan Point is the next novel in the Sweet Magnolia series. I've not read the others, but apparently that doesn't matter. This book worked well as a stand-alone novel.

I liked Adelia and her children, Gabe I was iffy on, but once I warmed up to his character, I really enjoyed watching him evolve and realize that the town he thought he hated might be the one place he could really call home. Their relationship doesn't bloom quickly, instead it moves at a realistic pace for a single mom who's been hurt before.


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