The Rachel Knight Series by Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark. It's a name many people instantly recognize due to her ties to the O.J. Simpson trial in the 1990s. She's also the author of an exciting legal thriller series about D.A. Rachel Knight.

Usually, I would review these books separately, but as there is a fourth book in the series that will be getting it's own review in the near future, I decided to put these three together.

In the series first book, Guilt by Association, Rachel is disheartened to come across a crime scene. Her associate and friend Jake is found dead in a seedy motel. He's holding pornographic images of a teen boy, the same teen boy who is also dead in the same motel room. Rachel cannot believe for one minute that Jake is that type of person, but how well did she really know him?

The second book in the Rachel Knight series, Guilt by Degrees, starts with the murder of a homeless man. This man was bleeding out on the streets while dozens of people walked over or past him. A man is in jail for the murder, but Rachel's not convinced he's the murderer. Her investigation leads to another murder, the murder of a police officer months earlier, and soon she realizes the two murders may be connected.

The third book, Killer Ambition, begins with the murder of a prominent Hollywood director's daughter.  When evidence leads to the director's close friend, a Hollywood talent manager, Rachel begins her quest to uncover the truth.

If you watch or have ever watched shows like The Good WifeCanterbury's Law, Harry's Law, or even Drop Dead Diva, you'll want to read the Rachel Knight series. While each has it's own strengths and weaknesses, the one theme that remains true with the shows and books is that at the heart of the series is a strong-willed female attorney. They have their share of problems, but their dedication to their job is unmatched. That's what I like about Rachel Knight. She's human, but her goal is always to win her client's case.


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