The People Inside by Ray Fawkes

Release Date - August 13, 2014

Ray Fawkes
Oni Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The People Inside is a unique graphic novel. It's one that delves away from the typical plots I see - superheroes, monsters, other worlds, or Anime. Instead, it takes a look at the relationships couples face from the meeting their eyes meet to the final moment when a relationship comes to an end. With each relationship, the different men and women learn more about what really defines them, whether it is the children they have, the love they have for one another, or realizing the moment has come when they are better off alone.

Award-winning artist and writer Ray Fawkes earned high praise with his 2012 release One Soul. Like The People Inside, it focused on relationships and humanity. I missed that one, but I'm glad I took the time to read his latest. I found myself drawn to some couples, as I knew what they were going through. Others, I found myself hoping they would realize what they truly needed. Either way, I was drawn to each story.


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