Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Release Date - August 26, 2014

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
William Morrow

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Susan Elizabeth Phillips latest novel is definitely one I'm glad I didn't miss. It has a gothic feel, at times reminding me a bit of Jane Eyre and other times reminding me of Wuthering Heights, yet there's also a splash of Rebecca thrown in. In the end, Heroes Are My Weakness was addicting and lured me away from my work so that I could get the the bottom of things.

Heroes Are My Weakness features Annie Hewitt, a ventriloquist who returns to her mom's island cabin in the heart of winter, not a good time to be in Maine. With her mother's death, it's up to her for Annie knows the terms of the cabin have always been that they must reside in the cabin for 60 days a year, or they lose ownership.

Theo Harp once held Annie's heart, but that was long ago. His cruel act when they were teenagers proved the kind of man he actually was, and he's not one she wants to be around. When she learns Theo resides in a neighboring house, she's not at all pleased.

It's soon apparent that someone wants Annie off the island. Is Theo up to his usual tricks or is something more sinister at hand?

There's a touch of spookiness to Susan Elizabeth Phillips latest novel. It also has a romance that sizzles and a setting that put chills up my spine. She's long been a favorite author, and this novel, while a bit different because of the gothic feel, was one of her best.


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