Don't Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams

Release Date - July 2014

Amanda Kyle Williams

Book Review by Bob Walch

Meticulous planning goes into his abductions. He stalks and patiently waits before he strikes. Then he holds his victims for an inordinate length of time before he kills them. This is the sociopath Keye Street, a ex-FBI profiler and private investigator, has gone to a town 90 miles outside of Atlanta to find. 
The remains of teenage girls have been found in the woods outside the town and the local authorities led by Sheriff Ken Meltzer, have agreed that some outside assistance and expertise would be in order.

As Keye tries to connect the sparse pieces of evidence, a third girl goes missing. Now the stakes are much higher; in fact, this almost appears to be a challenge. “Stop me if you can but time is running out!” might well be the killer’s taunt.

As she works Keye has an uncanny feeling that she is being watched by more than just the local law establishment. She also has to gear her investigation up drastically and figure out who the madman is before another teen lies dead in the woods.

Amanda Kyle Williams’ fiction has been called “addictive” and her previous “Stranger” novels have been called “powerfully human” as well as “brutally funny” and she’s been also lauded for creating stories with “delicious final twists”. All these accolades certainly apply to this latest captivating thriller.


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