Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham

Release Date-September 2013

Harry Bingham

Book Review by Bob Walch

It was a sad story but not that uncommon. A drug addicted prostitute was found dead in a squalid house, murdered by an unknown assailant. What makes the case a bit more interesting is that the platinum credit card of a very wealthy man is found at the crime scene. 
Although he’s also been dead for a while, the authorities want to know what the tycoon’s connection with this woman was. Taken on face value, did she receive or take the card for services rendered or is there more to the story?

It is up to rookie Welsh Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths to delve into this mystery and find an answer. Over-intense and intuitive, Fiona has earned a reputation as being a bit odd at police headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, but, no matter, she is intent in learning all she can about the victim and her young daughter who was also found dead at the scene of the crime.

Before she is finished, Fiona will uncover secrets about this community that might be better left buried and her own past will be open to public scrutiny.

This marks Harry Bingham’s American debut and his protagonist for this captivating series will certainly find a comfortable place among the legions of U.S. mystery fans who can’t get enough British whodunits.


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