Since You've Been Gone by Anouska Knight

Release Date - July 29, 2014

Anouska Knight

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Holly Jefferson has made it two years following her husband's tragic death, but she still cannot figure how to move on. She focuses her attention on her bakery and her sister's pregnancy, but things go haywire when Ciaran Argyll enters her world.

Ciaran's former step-mother hires Holly to make and deliver a cake to Ciaran's dad. From the moment he sees her, he wants to know her better. Something draws him to her. In his world of woman who want to get to know him only for his family's money, Holly is a breath of fresh air.

With Holly battling her demons of moving on, and Ciaran uncertain that there is a woman out there that can look him and not see dollar signs, the two must decide if falling in love is worth the potential risk.

Since You've Been Gone is packed with just enough humor to keep things light. The characters are memorable, especially Holly's baking assistant who I wouldn't mind seeing in future novels. The relationship between Holly and Ciaran. I loved it. The misunderstandings they have were a bit of a pain, but conflict always finds a way into romance novels, so it wasn't unexpected. I really like that the characters didn't dwell on the subject for weeks or months, a common trend with some romances. The focus of this novel is with the main characters and whether they can overcome their own personal demons. With British wit driving the narrative, I really enjoyed the read.


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