How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer

Release Date - July 2014

Lydia Netzer
St. Martins Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

While I loved the premise, How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky fell short of my expectations. It's not a bad book, it's just disjointed enough that I struggled to keep up with the story of George and Irene.

George works for the Toledo Institute for Astronomy and works to find a link between the stars and God. Irene left Toledo and her drunk mother years ago, but after creating a black hole, she accepts a position back in Toledo with the same institute where George works. What they don't know is that their mothers orchestrated a plan before they were born to have them become soul mates, though they were raised separately after reaching their toddler years. They cannot ignore the attraction they have for one another.

The topic is interesting, but there were segments of the story that I simply couldn't connect with, so I found it to easy to put the book down. Irene's current boyfriend and his fascination with an RPG was one of those storylines. I simply didn't care enough and kept itching to skip those sections. I also struggled, at first, with the flashbacks to the mothers of George and Irene, though those become more intriguing as I continued reading.

In the end, How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky was just okay. I was not left with the feeling of "wow" that I want to get from the books I read. Yet, I also did need to keep reading to see how it all turned out. I'd say if I used a rating system, this book would get a solid three out of five.


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