Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Relelase  Date - June 24, 2014

Karin Slaughter
Delacorte Press

Book Review by Bob Walch

They come from totally different backgrounds but Kate Murphy and Maggie Lawson end up partners on Atlanta’s Police Force. Maggie comes from a dysfunctional law enforcement family, her uncle and brother are cops, while Kate, whose husband was killed in Vietnam, crew up in a sheltered, wealthy Jewish household. 
It is 1974 and not only are the two women facing hostility within a department that isn’t ready to accept women officers, but a serial killer has gunned down five of their colleagues and Atlanta’s finest are out for blood.

Although they are not included in the official man hunt, Kate and Maggie are determined to follow their own instincts and see if they can solve the case. It doesn’t take Maggie long to realize that members of her own family are going to be key players in what unfolds here. Also we’ll discover that Kate is, unwittingly, being stalked by the killer and that adds another personal element to the thriller.

A volatile situation that involves misogyny, racism, homophobia and corruption, Cop Town is Karin Slaughter’s first standalone novel. Her long time fans will not be disappointed by this compelling story that introduces two unforgettable women. I seriously doubt that this will be the only time we meet these two characters. A sequel would obviously be in order if not a brand new series. Karen Slaughter has created a team here that rivals Cagney and Lacey as well as Rizzoli and Isles so why not capitalize on them?


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