The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard

Release Date - June 2014

Lynne Branard
Berkley Trade

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The Art of Arranging Flowers is really all about time. It's about time passing, often more quickly than we like. Add into that a memorable heroine who left law school for a complete career change after the death of her sister. Ruby is a florist with amazing skill at transforming flower arrangements into the words the sender most wants to say.

With 20 years under her belt, her friends really want to see Ruby stop focusing on saving or kick starting others relationships and find true love for herself. As months pass and seasons change, Ruby's town also sees much change, and there is hope on the horizon as Ruby finds herself attracted to the town's new veterinarian, a precocious young boy enters her life, and a former astronaut begins showing Ruby that there is more to her life than the town and her florist shop.

Nothing about The Art of Arranging Flowers moves quickly. But, that's a really good thing. I found myself drawn into the town. Ruby, at times, reminded me an awful lot of my own hometown's florist, and I found myself taken back to her flower shop and the joy I had in there as a young kid, then a teen, and finally as a bride-to-be. I found myself wanting to be part of Ruby's town.

By the end, I had cried, laughed, cheered, and sighed with the chapters in not only Ruby's life, but also of the young boy who comes to her, the astronaut who takes her out on her first date in ages, her friends who were finding their own way in the world, and especially the stuttering man who was falling head over heels for the librarian, yet was too afraid to say the words. This is a fabulous story that leaves you feeling many emotions.


  1. Sounds like an addition to my TBR list. Thanks for the review.


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