Hangman by Stephan Talty

Release Date - May 2014

Stephan Talty

Book Review by Bob Walsh

Serial killer Marcus Flynn sent chills through the residents of North Buffalo as he preyed on their teenage daughters. Nicknamed “The Hangman”, Flynn was caught and sent to prison. Now he’s escaped during a prison transfer and the reign of terror has started again.
Detective Absalom “Abbie” Kearney has been assigned the case and leads the manhunt to find and again put The Hangman behind bars. Matching wits with the crafty and elusive predator is going to be a challenging task. As Abbie soon discovers, it may be necessary to step outside the law to stop Flynn. 
First introduced in Talty’s Black Irish, homicide cop Abbie Kearney has captured the attention of a group of avid readers who enjoy fast paced crime thrillers. She’s been lauded as “the most intriguing new suspense protagonist” to come along in recent memory. 
This second novel featuring the fetching cop is as good if not better than Abbie’s debut. This is a character you’ll certainly want to follow as she makes her mark in crime fiction.


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