A Baby For the Doctor by Jacqueline Diamond

Release Date - May 2014

Jacqueline Diamond

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Anya Meeks, a surgical nurse at Safe Harbor, never expected to end up pregnant. It's the last thing she wants. She practically raised her siblings for her parents, and parenthood is definitely not in the cards. Yet, one night of passion with Dr. Jack Ryder, despite her being on birth control pills, leads to an unexpected pregnancy.

When Jack learns Anya is pregnant, he wants to convince her that they'd make great parents. He's always been drawn to her, and he just needs her to realize that he's serious. He wants to make her part of his future and raise their baby together. Getting through to her isn't as easy as it seems.

I've been reading the Safe Harbor series by Jacqueline Diamond since the beginning. This town feels like home, and I love seeing where each character is now. Jack is one of my favorites. Despite his childhood, he is convinced he can be a better parent than his mother was, and he does truly love Anya, he just needs her to see that.

The bottom line is if you want a feel-good romance that's perfect for a quick read while you lounge on the beach or your back patio, A Baby For the Doctor delivers. I loved watching Anya evolve, and I really loved watching Jack do everything in his power to show her that she was letting her experiences as a teen overpower what her heart was trying to tell her.


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