The Broken by Shelley Coriell

Release Date - April 29, 2014

Shelley Coriell
Grand Central Publishing/Forever

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Kate Johnson, a former reporter, was the first victim of the Broadcast Butcher, a sadistic killer who targets female reporters and then smashes every mirror in the house after stabbing them to death. Since her attack, she's been in hiding, caring for an elderly blind man.

Hayden Reed is an FBI agent who specializes in getting into a killer's mind. He realizes that the key to solving this case lies in everything Kate remembers. Getting her to trust him is hard, keeping from falling for her and focusing on the case is even harder.

There are a few things I want from books. I want to feel compelled to keep reading; I want to feel like the characters truly matter; and, above all, I don't want things to be laid out so that I can guess the killer just a few chapters into the book. Shelley Coriell meets all three of those requirements with The Broken. Every time I thought I had the killer's identity nailed, I began doubting myself and by the ending it was clear that the author had pulled the wool over my eyes. I need to read it again just to see where I missed the very subtle clues.

There's something else that The Broken did. While I liked Kate and Hayden, I feel head over heels for Smokey Joe, the old guy Kate cares for. Smokey Joe is a riot. I don't know where future books in The Apostles series are going, but I really hope Smokey Joe makes an appearance.


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