Stan by Richard Wold

Release Date - October 2013

Richard Wold

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After jumping off the George Washington Bridge and surviving, Stan Foster washes up on banks of the Hudson with no memories of who he is or where he came from. Horrific dreams plague him, however. Dreams of pits and tortured, burning humans. Working with Dr. Abigail Petrus, Stan learns he is an artist and is introduced to his agent, a woman who Stan is not thrilled with. Especially when she seems to despise the works of art he has created since his suicide attempt. With Abigail taking the shape of all that is light and good, and Lilith being dark and almost evil, Stan finds himself trapped in the middle.

As Stan becomes close to Abigail, their relationship forces him to another doctor, Dr. Uphir, a doctor who does not appear completely sane. It is there that Stan begins to wonder if he is, in fact, Satan forced to live on earth. Abigail may be his only chance at redemption.

Stan starts strong and then along the way, I lost interest. Too much symbolism was thrown at me and the focus of the book became so much on good vs. evil over the personal relationships that I grew tired of reading. I got sick of Lilith. I never developed any interest in Dr. Uphir. It reached a point where the only parts I wanted to read where the interactions between Abigail and Stan. The rest, I really glanced over just to get back to the relationship I wanted to see work out.


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