Providence by Lisa Colozza Cocca

Release Date - March 2014

Lisa Colozza Cocca
Merit Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Providence is a young adult novel, but it's one that I feel will truly appeal to any age. It took me back to one of my favorite stories - Billie Letts' Where the Heart Is.

Becky is the oldest of ten children, and she's always helped her mother out on their farm, all under the watchful eye of her abusive father. When a local boy accidentally lights their barn on fire, he runs off leaving Becky to take the blame. Becky's father is outraged and on a rampage, and the only way she can stay safe is by running away.

When she hops into an empty freight car, Becky finds a newborn baby within a duffel bag. She's helped her mother take care of many babies, so Becky knows what to do. Eventually, she makes her way into a small town in Georgia. There she and her "daughter" are taken under the wing of a local elderly woman. Becky soon must decide if she should flee before people figure out she is lying, or if she will be able to turn her lies into a new start.

I adored Providence. Granted Becky makes some really lousy decisions, but her longing for a real family and unconditional love is strong. She does very well for the infant she finds, and that's something I also appreciated. The struggles any parent faces with a child are not glossed over. There are the terrifying late-night fevers, the incessant fussing and every hour or two feedings that make you feel exhausted. Through all of this, Becky remains a very strong, determined young woman who I was hoping would find her way in this small, often nosy town.


  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Tracy. I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

    Lisa Colozza Cocca


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