Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader

Release Date - March 2014

Kate Meader
Hachette Book Group

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Jules Kilroy has been best buddies with Tad DeLuca for a couple years. As much as she'd like things to progress past friendship, Tad seems happier playing the field. Now that Jules' toddler son is starting to talk and a little less dependent on her, Jules decides it's time to get back out into the dating scene. 

Tad is less than pleased with Jules's decision. Ever since she made a move on him, he tried to do the right thing and remain friends, but that kiss sparked a fire in him that he can't ignore. He, however, has a wine bar to launch, and right now the last thing he feels Jules deserves is a man who is haunted by his past.

Hot and Bothered is the third book in the Hot in the Kitchen series. I missed the first two in the series and wish I hadn't. I have every intention on obtaining copies of these books and catching up with everyone in the DeLuca family. The relationships sizzle, aspects of the restaurants have your mouth watering, and I am just really glad I gave Hot and Bothered a whirl. It's a fun romance with characters that feel like family.


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