Dog Gone, Back Soon by Dr. Nick Trout

Release Date - April 2014

Dr. Nick Trout

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I generally seek out books set in Vermont. Sometimes authors get the details very right, and other times they botch little things. Dr. Nick Trout does an excellent job capturing small-town Vermont life in terms of the quirky residents and charming setting.

Dog Gone, Back Soon shares the tale of Dr. Cyrus Mills. He returns to his hometown to take over his father's veterinary practice. A larger competing practice threatens to put this smaller clinic out of business, but Dr. Mills is not going down without a fight. His training and expertise as a veterinary pathologist might just be what  it takes to show this town his skills are extraordinary.

Blended into Dog Gone, Back Soon is a bit of Dr. Mills personal life. His first date with a waitress didn't go as planned, but he genuinely likes her and wants to give it another shot. However, each attempt doesn't meet expectations, and it looks like this potential couple may never find their groove.

With this touch of romance, plenty of humor, and look into the life of a veterinarian, I really enjoyed every minute spent reading Dr. Nick Trout's story. I grew up in a household where All Creatures Great and Small was played on the TV regularly, as my mom grew up in part of Yorkshire, the county where James Herriot was a veterinarian. I'd really like to see Dr. Mills' turned into a series with more stories detailing his adventures with the animals in this small town.


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