Closed Doors by Lisa O'Donnell

Release Date - May 20, 2014

Lisa O'Donnell

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Young Michael Murray and his parents live with his grandmother on a small Scottish island. The people of this island know everything that goes on, so keeping a secret is impossible.

One day, Michael overhears a secret, one that could explain his mother's changed personality and bruises on her face. He becomes determined to discover the truth. With the town quickly gossiping about his family, Michael finds being the center of the gossip is not all that thrilling and wants to uncover what really went on in his island town.

The reader knows aspects of what really happened from the start of Closed Doors, so much of this book involves watching Michael, an 11 year old, as he matures and learns more about the lives of grown-ups and the dark truths they can hide.

There really is a lot more to this story, but, as a reviewer, I try not to give away anything more than is in the blurb on the front flap of a book. It's part coming-of-age and part mystery. It's a good read, but I also had moments where I disconnected from the characters. I had a hard time with the mother insisting that that truth remain hidden. That part truly bothered me and made it hard for me to sympathize with her at all.


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