Robert Ludlum's The Janson Option by Paul Garrison

Release Date - March 2014

Paul Garrison
Grand Central Publishing

Book Review by Bob Walch

The third title in this new action/adventure series, the assignment private security expert Paul Janson and his partner, Jessica Kincaid, tackle involves rescuing a kidnapped woman from the clutches of Somali pirates.

Allegra Helms’ husband, Kingsman Helms, heads a powerful oil company that is trying to get its hands on as much African oil as possible. With unlimited resources, Kingsman will pay anything to obtain his wife’s freedom. But once in place, Janson and Kincaid realize that the pirates are the least of their problems.

There’s much more going on here than just freeing a kidnap victim. In fact, perhaps she is also enmeshed in a sinister plot to create a situation that would allow her scheming spouse to overthrow the local government and make Somalia his base for similar overthrows on the Dark Continent.

A series that has already attracted a new generation of readers, this is another fast-paced story that offers numerous surprises that will satisfy the demanding standards of any reader who only reads the top thriller writers.


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