Book Buzz 2014: Check It Out, It's Free!

Release Date - January 2014

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I had amazing intentions with Book Buzz 2014. This is a long book, spanning more than 700 pages, and within it are dozens of snippets from books that are predicted to be bestsellers in 2014. My goal was to highlight a number of the stories in a week-long blog series, but I soon found myself facing an issue, far too many of the books had me hooked and made my must-read list.

Given that, I now have a page-long list of books I want to read. That list started growing very quickly with just the first snippets of upcoming novels. From Robyn Carr's Four Friends, a novel about a woman who suddenly learns her husband was having an affair, to JoJo Moyes One Plus One, a story about a single mom, I was hooked. It's been  years since I've read anything by Greg Iles, but I'm really excited over Natchez Burning.

There are four sections in all: Fiction, Debut Fiction, Nonfiction, and Young Adult Fiction. By the time I'd worked my way through each section, I would say that about 25 of the 40 snippets really caught my attention. Do yourself a favor, Book Buzz 2014 is a free book, don't miss your chance to find out what new releases should be making it to your reading pile.


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