Triburbia by Karl Taro Greenfeld

Release Date - July 2013 (Reprint)

Karl Taro Greenfeld
Harper Perennial

Book Review by Bob Walch

In an upscale New York City neighborhood a group of dads meets for breakfast after dropping their children off at school. The men range from a television producer, photographer and playwright to a sculptor, sound engineer, and even a gangster.

Each of the men obviously has a story and these tales and the family situations that exist within each character’s household emerge as you get to know the men more intimately. This is just a variation of the “housewife” dramas that television audiences are subjected to. Is the idea really original? Of course not!

But still, the interplay between these individuals and the situations that each one finds himself in are entertaining and the pieces of the puzzle here do fit together in some curious ways.

Is Mark a secret child molester? Why is Brick cheating on the woman who has made his career as a sculptor possible? What’s going to happen when Rick is exposed for his fraudulent memoir? And, why is Ranklin, the hood, even hanging out with a group of guys he holds in utter disdain?

There are plenty of juicy moments when love affairs, resentments, professional indiscretions and rivalries come to light in this urban scenario manufactured by Karl Taro Greenfeld. If you are seeking a change of pace from the mysteries, adventure reading or other types of reading you usually pursue, this might be the book to try.

Fair warning, this novel received a mixed bag of reviews from “really loved it” to “total waste of time”. You might wish to check some other sites for reader reactions before you make a purchase. Or, better still, check it out from the library!


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