The Execution by Dick Wolf

Release Date - January 2014

Dick Wolf
William Morrow

Book Review by Bob Walch

Hard on the heels of The Intercept, the first thriller in this series, comes this sequel that continues the saga of Jeremy Fisk, a detective with the NYPD’s Intelligence Division of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Still recovering from the loss of his partner and lover who died at the hands of a Swedish terrorist, Fisk has another crazed killer to deal with. A brutal Mexican assassin known simply as Chuparosa is heading north with mayhem on his mind.

Leaving behind him a trail of bodies, including 23 beheaded victims on the border, Chuparosa may intend to make a statement during United Nations week in Manhattan. A slew of bodies found dead outside the city suggests that is just a prelude to what awaits the city itself.

Teaming up with a fiery investigator, Ceilia Garza, from the Mexican Intelligence Department, Fisk soon discovers his colleague’s “take-no-prisoners” attitude is not too far removed from their nemesis’s approach.

Whether they want to or not, Fisk and Garza are going to have to work together to keep Chuparosa from his ultimate bloody goal but it is going to be a very rocky relationship.

Like Fisk’s first assignment, there will be plenty of plot twists and surprises in what lies ahead for the detective and the final outcome will be in doubt right down to the closing pages.

Wolf is the creator of “Law & Order” and already there’s talk that Jeremy Fisk may eventually be heading for a similar small screen treatment.


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