How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden

Release Date - November 2013 Melissa Brayden Bold Strokes Books Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth In How Sweet It Is, Molly O'Brien lost her partner in a tragic plane crash. Since that, she's avoided the dating scene, but she thinks she's finally ready to move on. It's easier said than done because she balances her personal life with her hard work keeping her struggling bakery open. When her late partner's sister returns to town, Molly is shocked to find feelings developing. This is new territory for Molly, but she can't avoid her growing attraction. The title of this book really does capture the story's main essence. This is a sweet romance. The characters feel like best friends, the banter is real and often witty, and every page keeps you intrigued in what will happen next. Add in the tempting treats Molly's character whips up for her bakery - my stomach growled more than once reading descriptions - and How Sweet It Is ends up being an addicting romance. This was my first story by Melissa Brayden, and I am certainly intrigued to read her other stories. It's just a sweet romance that leaves you feeling warm and cozy.


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