Badluck Way: A Year on the Ragged Edge of the West by Bryce Andrews

Release Date - January 2014 Bryce Andrews Atria Books Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth For one year, Bryce Andrews headed to Montana where he worked at Sun Ranch. Working on a cattle ranch was not new to Andrews, but this ranch was very near Yellowstone National Park. During that year, Andrews not only spent time experiencing the daily life of a rancher, but he also faced struggles when a pack of wolves began encroaching on the herds of cattle. Suddenly, Andrews was faced with protecting the herd against an animal he admired. Badluck Way is beautifully written. While Bryce Andrews recounts most of this story, some sections are told from a wolf's point of view. I loved this division. I don't have wolves in my area, that I know of anyway, but we do have a pack of coyote that have been coming closer and closer to houses over the years. If you ever see one in the open, I have, they are very majestic creates, albeit scary when it is your dog they want to turn into dinner. As I've had that experience, I really understood Andrews' story. Every detail of Badluck Way is written in a manner that draws you in. It's easy to imagine the feel of a breeze through the gaps in the wall. The sound of the wolves howling in the distance. The picturesque scenery as the sun rises or sets over Montana's mountains. I felt like I was there, and that, to me, is the sign of a truly talented writer.


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