Simple Qigong Exercises for Health by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Release Date - October 2013 (Reissue)

Ymaa Publication Center

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Balancing work, family responsibilities, and personal time strains any mom. For work, plagiarism is a major concern, especially when many clients have me revamping their old website content to make it sound new. I do have a tip on how to avoid plagiarism. I use Grammarly because it does the work for me, and I now longer have to pull hair out while triple checking rewrites. Seriously, you have no idea how easy it is for a simple phrase, even a repetitive one, to be counted as plagiarism by someone.

Finding time to myself is harder when I'm balancing shuffling my daughter to school, walking the dog three times a day, cooking meals, and cleaning the house. For that, I've discovered a passion for yoga, tai chi, and my latest interest Qigong (Qi meaning "energy" and Gong meaning "energy and time.) If you need to destress, while also getting exercise, pick up a copy of
Simple Qigong Exercises for Health.

The exercises presented in this guide are easy to do and take no more than 10 minutes a day. First, the book introduces you to Qigong and the flow of energy through your body. Anyone who does yoga or tai chi understands these principles. When you get to the exercises, all of which have photos to demonstrate, you may find them similar to some yoga positions. There are also clear differences. The first exercise involves more that sitting cross-legged, you also tap your teeth together, and place your hands in a position that allows you to focus on the sound  your teeth make. 

In another exercise, you squat while swaying so that the bulk of your weight moves from one leg to the other. This position shifts from one leg to the next and back to the center. My favorite, however, "Seven Disorders and Hundreds of Illnesses Disappear" involves getting up on your tiptoes and really stretching out the legs and back through a series of hand movements.


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