Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

Release Date - December 2013

Courtney Cole

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Before We Fall begins in the past and then moves forward to present day. As an actor, Dominic Kinkaide excels in focusing in his job and avoiding any personal connections with the people around him. His goal is to get the job done and stay out of the limelight. At one his brother's wild parties, Dominic finds himself in over his head. He saves a woman from being raped, but that leads to him having to drive another drive home rather than saying at the estate and ignoring the world around him.

When Dominic gets into a fight with a former best friend, the woman he's driving home intervenes. Police are called and find drugs in Dominic's car. He and the woman are both arrested and that starts a new phase in Dominic's life. One he was not prepared to deal with.

Jacey Vincent is disheartened when she's arrested, yet baffled when she learns that the famous actor arranged to have assault charges on an officer dropped. She soon finds herself involved in Dominic's daily existence, and she's not sure it's the right place for her. Even if she finds herself mesmerized by the dark, brooding actor.

From the start, it is clear that Dominic and Jacey have hidden pasts. That fits with the series - Beautifully Broken - and creates story that you cannot wait to reach the end. Dominic came off as very disinterested, even unpleasant at times, with just about everyone at first, but as you get to know him, it makes sense. I had to know what caused Dominic's issues with his former best friend and also what made Jacey the woman she was.

Before We Fall is packed with emotion, mesmerizing characters, and a romance that had me cheering. This may be the first book I've read in this series, but I never felt out of place. It does make me want to read the others!


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