222 Questions We Should Ask Ourselves At Least Once by Catherine Craven

Release Date - September 2013


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Author Catherine Craven's goal with 222 Questions We Should Ask Ourselves At Least Once came from her desire to have an insightful guide to everyday life.  What is found within the book is a touch inspirational with some definite truth thrown in. There were times, however, when I also found myself disagreeing.

The author's main point is to live a better life by being more positive. One of the lines that got to me hit very early in the book. "It is our choice to become or not to become anxious." It is here that I felt the author alienated a certain group of people. I deal with generalized anxiety disorder, and it is not a "choice" I made, it is a true condition that doctors I've seen believe is linked to brain function that triggers the adrenal system to become overactive at times. I am not the only person in the world with anxiety, as I've learned through support groups. All the prayer in the world doesn't make it go away. I refuse to take medications, so instead, I have learned how to cope when panic takes over. It can hit at any time - day, night, or even when I'm sound asleep.

After that, I found it harder to really take the author's message to heart. Her advice may well work for you and I'm certain it does for her, but to say anxiety is a choice that we make, even though I'm certain she never really thought of the other aspect. Well, I just find myself disagreeing with that and, as a result, I lost interest.


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