To Tuscany With Love by Gail Mencini

Release Date - November 2013

Gail Mencini
Capriole Group

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Bella's mother is concerned with her daughter's involvement with her new friends, especially when their latest protest leads to Bella spending a night in jail. In hopes of straightening Bella out, her mother scrapes together enough money to send Bella to Florence, Italy, for one summer. In Italy, Bella soon meets the seven strangers she will be spending her summer with. It isn't long before friendships are forming, potential relationships are taking place, and Bella's world is changed.

Thirty years later, Bella receives an invitation inviting her back to Italy. She soon heads off to reunite with the people she'd tried so hard to leave in the past, but with whom she wants to "set the record straight."

To Tuscany With Love does an exceptional job drawing the reader in to the Italian setting. I wanted very much to be right there with the characters. The story shifts from present to past and back again for the characters, but I didn't find the shifts jarring, which can happen in some books. So I appreciate the clear changes from past to present, timed perfectly so that the shifts fit the story.

If you're looking for women's fiction with an amazing setting To Tuscany With Love is a solid choice. The story is good, characters are enjoyable, but the setting was the star to this reader.


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