Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

Release Date - July 2013

Sophie McKenzie
St. Martin's Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Eight years ago, Geniver "Gen" Loxley suffered a stillbirth that still haunts her. Years of fertility issues have kept her from becoming a mom. She's shocked one day when a woman appears on her door step and tells her that her child wasn't stillborn at all and that Gen's husband was the mastermind behind the ruse.

Uncertainty with knowing who to trust and who is lying, Gen accepts the help of her husband's friend and begins investigating the truth. While she may not know who to trust, Gen does know one thing, if her daughter is out there, she will find her.

I always find it funny what draws a person to a book. In my case, I'd forgotten my Nook and whipped into the local library to get something to read while waiting for my daughter outside of her high school. The font used for the book spine is what caught my eye. After reading the inside jacket, I checked the book out and went on my way. I am so glad Close My Eyes did catch my eye.

For me, the writing was incredibly addicting. The more I read, the more I had to know if my gut instincts were correct. And, they were, but while I had the guilty person correct, the reasoning behind it was not what I expected. I loved that twist, no matter how deranged.

The ending, without going into spoilers, it fits so well. The entire case isn't one that deserves an easy solution, but in this case, it definitely left me thinking "wow." When I was done, I was already intrigued in finding more by this new-to-me author.


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