A Serpentine Affair by Tina Seskis

Release Date - August 2013

Tina Seskis
Kirk Parolles

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Once a year, a group of former college friends join up for an annual reunion. Few understand why they even bother getting together anymore. They've all moved on, have families of their own, and rarely get along. Each woman also harbors secrets and this makes this year's reunion particularly difficult.

There's Sissy, a woman whose husband died from melanoma that was diagnosed right after their honeymoon. Camilla, the organizer of the annual reunion, who pushes the woman to attend every year. JoAnne harbors a secret about events that happened to her when they were all in the U.S. one summer. Juliette's bossy husband is definitely not liked by many in the group. Natasha knows her husband is cheating on her with one of her supposed friends. Siobhan seems to be the quietest in the group, at first anyway, but even she is hiding an explosive secret.

A Serpentine Affair then winds its way between past and present to reveal the secrets these women are all hiding. Leading to an ending you just do not see coming.

I admit, I had to get out a notebook at first because there are so many characters. As the story bounces from past to present and back, I had to keep notes to stay on top of things. That never detracted from the story though. I was intrigued with just about every character, short of Melissa who I grew tired of really fast, especially during the whole muesli scene. But the fact that I hated her so much says a lot for the author's talents at making a character seem real.


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