The Trial of Dr. Kate by Michael E. Glasscock III

Release Date - October 2013

Michael E. Glasscock III
Greenleaf Book Group Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Dr. Kate Marlow's impending trial has the town of Round Rock buzzing. Lillian Johnson, a young woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, was found dead in her wheelchair from a barbiturate overdose, and the needle next to her had Dr. Kate's fingerprints on it. Dr. Kate has no memory of the events, and that's not helping with her murder defense.

Journalist Shenandoah Coleman, a long-time friend of Kate, plans to cover the trial and unravel the truth. Shenandoah is certain Kate would never intentionally kill a patient. Someone wants Shenandoah out of town, however. Being sent clear messages like having all four tires slashed and getting run off the road, Shenandoah needs to stay on her toes to discover the truth and avoid harm.

This is the second book in the Round Rock series by Michael Glasscock III. The first novel, Little Joe, was a solid read, but The Trial of Dr. Kate is ever better. This one blends mystery with the stunning setting and quaint town.

I got caught up in the mystery. It's not one that is easily solved, and the twist ending definitely fit well with the rest of the story. With two more books to go in the Round Rock series, I can't wait to see what happens next. Don't worry about reading the books in order, each one contains new characters with minimal crossovers, so you can read them alone or together and not miss a beat.


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